Do You Deserve More Financially? 

What if there was a proven system you could follow to get the jobs and promotions you deserve?

"I was unsure about applying for a job I thought I was unqualified for. You taught me to let my desire outweigh my insecurity."
Marina Hernandez, Roller Derby Beast

I give step-by-step plans so my clients define their personal brand and increase their visibility.

Does Your Personal Lifestyle Want Growth Too?

How would people see you differently if all they saw was the best of you ALL THE TIME? 

"I have learned how to step outside my comfort zone, and not sweat minor setbacks."
Ebruvwiyo Pela, AVP Financial Solutions Advisor

There are many ways to help my clients make more money, land better promotions, make powerful friends, gain trust and turn stress into energy. My class: "21 Days To More Creditbility and Visability: Get the perks you deserve, learn to display your asssets," is a fun way I can get you some quick wins and get you on the right track. However, its not easy. 

Who AM I?

I know you don't know me but I used to be a real loser. But now I am a successful freelance speaker and teacher.

My business has 2 Core Values: 

#1 Core Value: If I build my clients, then my clients will build my business. Transalation: "What this means to me is that if I use all my energy making my clients better, then the success of my business will naturally follow."

#2 Core Value: As human beings, ALL OF US, spend too much time being lazy and/or afraid. F'N BORING! In other words, "we know whenever we do something risky we are happy we tried, and whenever we have a goal but sweep it under the rug we regret it. So, never let anything get in your way."

MISSION STATMENT: My mission is to see clients reach unthinkable places by giving them exact steps to follow, new and unique challenges to conquer and definitve results to measure. 

-now a little bit about me. . .


"...because I didn't have an excuse for failing, that made it even worse. It was like, the only reason I sucked was because I actually sucked. Ouch"
Randy Icelow 2011, Me (Founder of this Company) 

4 years ago I was 30 years old and felt like a failure. I had all the "tools." I was white, tall, college educated, a sense of humor, etc. Why was I failing? I heard other people talking about the "struggle" and the barriers they had to break through. But I had no barriers to break through. So, my only explanation for my "failing" was that I indeed sucked. That was that. 

Dam, shitty. 

FAST FORWARD 4 years and my income has trippled.    Think about that. That's not even the best part. I don't feel like a loser anymore. No one is questioning my manhood. 


The best part of my transformation is that I can confidently approach people now in any situation, make them trust me, make the other person feel valued, and turn them into a lifelong ally. 

I have turned my success into a life of speaking and teaching. I want you to look anxiety and paralysis in the eye, and then punch it in the eye!

My risk free, 21 day class, normally costs $119 dollars, but now you can enroll for free!!
You Will Get:

1. Master Manipulator (How to identify and manipulate habits in your favor)
2. The: [trigger,behavior,reward] sequence that is the foundation for being remembered
3. The poem I wrote after hiking 5 days in the wilderness. (exclusive! LOL)
4. If You Can Only Remember: Basic and fundamental step by step process for being more powerful and more relaxed when the stakes are high. 
5. 21-Day Challenge: the addictive challenge that will spark a new fire. Its crazy. 
6. Access to private community with other class "finishers." Find people like you. They have similar problems but all want to be "free"

Enroll Now! Risk Free, 21 Day Class | normally $119, now you can enroll for free
"21 Days To More Credibility and Visibilty: Get the perks you deserve, learn to display your asssets"